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Written by team_yogasync on date 22 November 2012

The old saying that "Life is a box of chocolates" is a beautiful metaphor for we never do really know what is going to arise on the ride of life's unfolding - until it arises. And sometimes what is arising calls us to let go in order to fully embrace it. Some things we're ok about letting go of. But letting go and surrendering to loss is not an easy, nor comfortable, process - and because of this, it is one that we can tend to resist at all costs.

It is in resistance though, that we come face to face with suffering. 

In yogic philosophy we understand that pain is a part of life and suffering is a choice... and that by surrendering to what is and being present to all the feelings and emotions it conjures is a rewarding and beautiful process – albeit often times painful. Whatever the kind of loss that might arise in your life, be it the loss of a loved one through death or separation, a job, or your youth, or a business or creative endeavor, your yoga mat is one of the best places to process it.

It is on our mats that we can let the body do what it needs to do to move the grief through our systems in a powerful and connected way. Without this tool the energy of grief, loss and sadness can become stuck in our cellular tissues. The kind of asana that will benefit you personally will depend on your body/mind type. Feel your way into your needs. Let the body be your guide. Perhaps it wants long held restorative poses that you can stretch and sink your way into and in this way release what the tissues may be holding? Perhaps it wants stronger, more movement oriented poses that get the circulation going and create movement of energy this way?

Just listening to your body will help you drop down out of your mind and into your feeling capacity. Your mind may well want to escape the feelings, but the body needs to process them – not skip over them, avoid or suppress them. Your yoga mat is your friend.

Opening the hips and shoulders – the sacral and heart chakras – can be very appropriate when dealing with loss for it is here we often store that which is unprocessed. Try this Open and Contained sync that will encourage you to listen to your body and take note of what it is telling you.

For others it may feel more appropriate to partake in this Lengthen and Strengthen Centre routine that will expertly guide you through a sequence of standing postures. Standing postures are great for grounding which will calm the nervous system allowing the mind to become calm and centered.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of Syncs you can choose from inside the Yogasync.tv platform that can help you to connect, open, ground and find inner peace in any event that may be arising in your life… going inside and feeling your way through whatever is arising is one of the healthiest gifts you can give yourself.

If you’d like any suggestions specific to your current life unfolding, just post in the comments below and one of us at Team Yogasync will flick you a couple of ideas.

Till next time

Love and Prana

Team Yogasync



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