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Yogasync,tv visited a yoga festival called Wanderlust on a Sunny day in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2014.  As well as lots of yoga, there was also a Crossfit taster which Claire-Bhavani joined in with TONS of squat variations.  Next day, with the DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, "its one of the days where I have to hold onto the walls to lower myself onto the toilet, ouch!  I made this sync to relaign the muscle fibres of the butt, groins, thighs and hamstring which are particularly sore".  

Building new muscles invloves small tears to the existing muscle and then repair in between the tears.  If we dont lengthen through the muscle at this time, then theres a chance the new growth will be squeashed up and knotted leading to postural imbalances as the skeletal structure gets pulled into misalignment by tight muscles.

If you have really tight muscles right now, this is going to hurt, in a good way, possibly a lot, so use the breath to focus.  Just notice the physical sensations and breathe through them, rather than being tempted to release.  Stay on the edge of comfort and use common sense to know when edge of comfort turns to inappropriate pain.

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