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This Yogasync has a great range of beginner’s movements with short holds.  Stretch and strengthen the whole body.

Dialogue for teachers:

Cat Dog Tilt - As your back arches towards the flow imagine you are a cat meowing, as your spine goes to the ceiling woof like a dog.

Downward Dog - Once you are in the posture, can you feel that your WHOLE hand is in contact with the floor, your arms & legs straight?  Once there, with hips high, yabbadabba dooo like Scooby Doo!

Crocodile - A Croc is a muscle machine.  You need to flex your muscles by pressing your whole forearm and wrists into the floor, push up so I can’t see your shoulder blades poking out!  Make sure your back is in a straight line (no sagging lower backs, or high bottoms!).  Can you feel your abdominal muscles working?  Once you feel the fiery heat in the abdominals, and then snap your teeth together like a croc!

Boat Pose - You form a boat, your bottom is the bottom of the boat that is underwater.  Is your boat still and motionless in even the biggest of waves or does it rock with the water?


Forward Hero - What is a Hero anyway?  Well this Hero has spent the day being fair, caring and sharing with all people.  As you have your head down, can you remember all the times someone has been fair, cared or shared with you today? today?  Was it your parents, brothers and sisters, friends at school or the teacher?  Maybe someone else?  Silently, mentally, send a thank you message to them as you are in this posture.

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