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Props required:
Blankets, Chair
Movement Type:
Sub Movement Type-A:
Sub Movement Type-B:
Forward Bend
Main Anatomical Focus:
Secondary Anatomical Focus:
Physiological Focus:
Circulatory System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Reproductive System, Respiratory System, Skeletal System
Therapeutic Focus:
Fatigue, Stress
As this movement is a supported inversion, the body can soften more and the mind can quieten. This helps to reduce symptoms of fatigue, Insomnia, anxiety, stress and stress related headaches. The circulatory and Respiratory Systems can rest, helping to reduce Heart Palpitations and breathlessness. Due to the action of the chest moving to the chin, the thyroid and parathyroid glands are squeezed and flushed with a fresh supply of blood, which helps to improve function. This flushing to the throat can also help to alleviate any throat ailments or congestion that may be happening. With the legs supported over the head, a type of traction occurs. This helps to stretch and release the muscles that run along either side of the spine, helping to relieve backache.
Do not practise this movement if you have a neck injury, are menstruating or suffering from diorrhea. If you are finding it difficult to breathe, or you suffer from backache, premenstrual tension or osteoarthritis of the hips, separate your legs to hip width apart. Only practise this movement during pregnancy if have practised it confidently preconception
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