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All prices are in USD. NZ Residence GST will be added. All clients are covered by our 30 day No questions asked money back Guarantee

Just a few of the Online Yoga benefits & features you'll enjoy

  • Beginners Yoga Class – Advanced Yoga Class
  • The Perfect Yoga Class – On Your Schedule
  • Better Overall Health with Strength and Flexibility
  • No Bad Side Affects:
  • Permanent Weight Loss with Yoga
  • Extreme Exercise is Not Necessary
  • 24/7 Access to yoga Instruction
  • Build & Edit you own yoga routines
  • Pay the equivalent of one Yoga class for the Month
  • 100 s of pre-made yoga routines to start you off
Yogasync.tv Presents Yoga Online

The monthly price for full access to Yogasync.tv is a fraction of the cost of going to a physical studio. It some ways it has many benefits over a studio, you can learn at your own pace and level. You can do Yoga at home when you like. It can also be a great complement to your regular studio classes. Do a couple with a teacher and 3 or 4 at home.
The monthly price for full access to Yogasync.tv is a fraction of the cost of going to a physical studio. Not to mention time saved driving, finding babysitter etc. You can do Yoga at home as often as you like. It can be a great complement to your regular classes. Do a couple with a teacher and 3 or 4 at home.
Premium members enjoy crystal clear 1080 P HD video if your ISP bandwidth allows it. Yogasync.tv streams from data centres from all over the world to provide you optimum performance. We allow you to select a lower bandwidth if you are on lower speeds or looking to save your bandwidth. Free users its only the one 75 p quality.
Go Mobile with your Yoga anywhere anytime. We can especially encode and join videos for virtually any mobile device. Member enjoy great discounts on our premium yoga video downloads. We create these for you on order using our special technology.
As all of the video in Yogasync.tv are streamed to you "on the fly" none of the videos exist in their full form, some "Syncs" contain up to 100 elements. So for you to download them we have to create the single video especially for you. It takes processing power hence they do have a cost. Premium members enjoy great discounts on this service.
Access our massive library of Premium tutorial style yoga classes, professionally created for the online style of yoga. Excellent audio and video from 3 angles helps you get it right and can help you avoid many of the common pitfalls and injuries of other systems.
No ads at all if your prepared to pay the small monthly fee for one of our premium plans. Just great content. It also helps us with continued development to build the best possible resource for you. If you on the ambassador / free version, we reserve the right to play ads to cover your service.
Access our growing library of interviews about all things yoga, health, well being and spirituality. Cutting edge interviews with people from all walks of life.
Yes Yogasync.tv is about more than just yoga we have a large range of Vegetarian Cooking Classes from a world class chef, that you can work along with in real time. Surprise your partner, friends and family with some expertly prepared healthy food that tastes delicious.
Yes we have a World Class Affiliate program. Join an ethical business, start promoting health, well being, higher moral values and get paid for it. Every one wins! We have some of the most accurate affiliate tracking in the business. Our system tracks by ip and cookie and coupon. Ask about our offline affiliate packages for retail , events etc.
Browse our growing library of Yoga postures and movements. We are filming new movements on a regular schedule to keep with new developments in the yoga space. Request special movements if we don't have them. We can add them to the schedule.
Stream the Yogasync.tv content 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Yogasync never closes! Its your on demand digital yoga studio when and how you want it. Really it has to be experienced to be believed.
VIP Help desk. Our help desk http://support.yogasync.tv/home will open a tracked support ticket for you if you have any query's or questions. We are here to help you be successful, we really are.
The Ironclad 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not 100% happy that this is the best yoga instruction that you have ever received or the best value for money EVER. We will give you " no questions asked " your money back.
We provide your own personal members area. Add your personal profile, follow other members. This will become more valuable to you over time. It will allow you to easily access all of your liked, favourite content and lots more, sign in to see it all.
If you find a Yogasync or a Movement that you love you want to be sure to remember it so build your own special yoga practice library. Its easy, you just click the favourite button and it's added to your personal members area for when you need it next!
Browse our growing library of Yoga routines or "Sync's" as we call them here. Follow other members to explore what they are building and follow along with them. The number of yoga routines or "Syncs" is growing every day.
Every Yoga Movement and Routine within Yogasync.tv has been professionally written by experts in the yoga field. We have made the transcripts along with the associated images available to you.
All yoga videos have expert created instructions so you can use Yogasync.tv with complete confidence. All content is thoroughly researched and cutting edge. Needs to be tried to be believed. So start today.
Want to add value to your Yoga, Fitness or Well being centre? Have Yogasync.tv ready on demand to go to your clients. Also suitable for Gyms, Health Spas, Sports teams and many other applications. It could be the right fit for your business.
Add Yogasync.tv to your list of benefits of being in your workplace. Add a community vibe to the office, while having a workplace that is less stressed and more energetic. Sure to improve overall productivity. Also applies to Schools, Universities. etc
You can rate the Yogasync's thumbs up or thumbs down. Here the communities previous ratings will allow you to get the Yoga routine that you are looking for first time, with the benefit of other members experience.
With our unique comment system you can ask questions, comment, even provide answers to other members questions. With our special voting system the best questions and answers will be right there for you.
Access literally 1000's of yoga videos 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No more getting stuck in traffic jams driving to class, no more finding babysitters. The perfect class exactly when you want it, where you want it, every day of the year!
Many of our movements are are displayed in 3 HD angles so you can be sure that you are getting your alignment correct. 3 Eye view as we like to call it. Only with Yogasync.tv Nobody else does it like this!
Use the world first Yogasync.tv "Create a Movement Tool" to make your own custom Yoga Movements. Adjust the time to your own level. Great for beginners to experts to slowly build duration or repetitions. Then add these to your own routines.
Follow what other knowledgeable Members are creating. Following other members allows you to easily see what "Syncs" and Movements they are building. It creates community and adds 100's of Syncs and Movements that are available to you .
Add notes on each movement so that you can remember key points that you are working on. As time goes on we tend to forget these can provide helpful reminders.
With the amazing Yogasync.tv "Claim Sync" tool you can make virtually any Yoga routine perfect for you! Just click the Claim button and swap, delete or add moments with just a few clicks. This will help you advance even faster in your yoga practice.
Access to the revolutionary Yogasync.tv "Create a Sync Tool". Yes you can create customs yoga routines that exactly fit your ability level, energy level, time available. You can work around injuries strengthen areas that need work and the list goes on. TRY IT !

    Ambassador / Free Gold Platinum Teacher/ Corporate
Monthly price info Free ( Currently Invites only) $9.95 per month $17.95 per month Contact Sales
Multi-User solutions info       yes
Use videos commercially info       yes
Create your own custom Yoga Postures info     Yes yes
Create your own custom Yoga Routines info     Yes yes
Claim and Modify Syncs info     Yes Yes
Make personal notes on each posture info     Yes Yes
Quality Content          
Multiple Angles in HD info   Yes Yes Yes
Browse all "Syncs" Yoga Classes info Full Preview Yes Yes Yes
Browse all Movements info Limited Preview Yes Yes Yes
24/7 unlimited access to all yoga videos info Editors Selection Yes Yes Yes
Expert instruction professionally narrated info Editors Selection Yes Yes Yes
Comment and Ask Questions. info Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rate Syncs and Movements info   Yes Yes Yes
View transcript and images of routines info   Yes Yes Yes
Follow other members info Yes Yes Yes Yes
Favourite Syncs and Movements info Yes Yes Yes Yes
Your personal members area and profile info Yes Yes Yes Yes
World class affiliate program info Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Ambassador / Free Gold Platinum Teacher/ Corporate
Plus lots more          
Ironclad 30Day Money Back Guarantee info Its free Yes Yes Yes
VIP Customer Help Desk info Limited Support Yes Yes Yes
24/7 access to all streaming videos info Editors Selection Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Download PDF of all Yogasync's info $3.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Vegetarian Cooking Classes info Editors Selection Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Expert Interviews info Editors Selection Yes Yes Yes
Advertisements info Ad Supported Ad Free Ad Free Ad Free
Premium Yoga Classes info 3 per week Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Downloads: HD & High Quality, WMV info 15 % Discount 30 % Discount 40 % Discount 40 % Discount
Downloads iPhones & iPads , Androids info 15 % Discount 30 % Discount 40 % Discount 40 % Discount
iPad & iPhone Supported info Downloads Only Downloads Only Downloads Only Downloads Only
Video quality Maximum 1080p HD info 75 P 5 Quality's up to HD 5 Quality's up to HD 5 Quality's up to HD
  info Its free! $9.95 per month $17.95 per month Contact Sales
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