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How Do I Start ?

Congratulations for taking the first step into the world of  Yogasync.tv.  Your membership is live and you are ready to go. We have done a lot of  hard work to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, no matter what your level or ability is.

Please watch the video below for a quick site tour and an overview of how to maxmise your Yogasync.tv membership.  Under the video are some general Yoga Guides, please read these as they are important.  If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact us.

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  • Don't expect instant results.

While you will probably feel very relaxed and peaceful after your first yoga session, it can take many weeks of daily yoga practice before you begin to reap any significant health benefits. Patience is a key you must use for the real benefits of yoga to take place

  • Take total responsibility

Your health is your responsibility no one else's. If you let someone else take care of it for you, you are benefiting them more than yourself. Learn that prevention is your greatest medicine. The practice of yoga is no quick fix however, it requires regular practice to reap the benefits and results.

  • Enjoy your practice

People who enjoy their practice get the best gains. The emotion of enjoyment puts the mind and body into a positive state. If you dread and struggle doing your exercise you might as well not bother as this is negative and the chances of keeping it up and getting gains are very low.

  • Avoid competition with others.

Some people will be more flexible than you are or they may able to hold their postures longer. Don't try to outdo anyone. Look to improve on your own level, as long as you are in a state of improvement you will get better. Compete with yourself on a sensible basis.

  • Practice what you learn.

Practice at least 15 to 60 minutes of yoga on a daily basis to stay improving and increase your level of understandings. Not just the understanding of the poses but greater understanding of yourself.

  • Find the time.

Some people will say that they never have the time. There is 168 hours in your given week and 4 - 5 hr's of yoga in that week is a small portion considering the benefits you will gain, it is one of the best investment of time that  you could make and now you have yoga class at your fingertips. No excuses!

  • Check the instructions or video over before you practice yoga
  • Yoga should be done on empty stomach. Your last meal should be at least 2-3 hours before your practice. Even longer periods of no food can help if you are performing more twists.
  • Healthy males or females can perform asanas.Children under the age of 12 years should be guided by an Instructor
  • Yoga poses that are inverted (example: headstands)should not be done during MS (Menstruation)
  • Normal or controlled breathing should be maintained while performing yoga postures.
  • Do not force your body to do any poses (asanas). Be patient and move into your poses with care and precision. There's a difference between training smart and training stupid!
  • Look to increase the duration of your poses as you get better.This is the only way to keep improving. A comfort zoneis a nice place to get to but don't stay long.

Consult your doctor prior to performing yoga if you have any existing health challenges such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
Some of the advanced yoga postures, such as headstands can be dangerous for individuals with high blood pressure or eye problems.
Pregnant women should avoid postures that compress or strain the abdomen or back.

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