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Top 7 Benefits
The Perfect Class – On Your Schedule:

Time You can create your yoga class for precisely when you want it and in the exact duration and intensity you need in this moment. Whether it's a long or short routine, beginners or advanced, high energy or low energy. Whether you want to include inversions or standing postures, back bends or forward bends – you can create the perfect routine just for you and your needs.

Yogasync.tv has a class for you at your own level and if it's not here, it soon will be as you can create it with Yogasync’s revolutionary Movement Creation Tool and the Sync Creation tool. No driving to class or the gym, no looking for baby sitters! It’s all at your fingertips! And what’s more, there’s more being added all the time.

Better Overall Health with Strength and Flexibility:

StrengthNot only can you loose weight and become more flexible and strong, but you will also tone your body to it’s perfect balance. Because yoga uses all muscles from head to toe, it will warm and lengthen the muscles and strengthen your over-all body helping to prevent injury. While also toning and conditioning the internal organs and systems, you will also detoxify and re-energize. As you continue your practice, you will increase in overall endurance and stamina while simultaneously lowering your resting heart rate. In this way you will naturally become more and more healthy and fit, happy and vital. Beyond balancing the physical body, yoga as an all round mind/body practice will also help you balance your mind and emotions. Once yoga has become a part of your daily life practice you will find the inner joy this practice brings will uplift and energize you to an ultimate state of mind/body wellbeing.

No Bad Side Affects:

Happy PeopleThe serving side affects promised by yoga come in a wide and vast array of multi-leveled benefits. From better physical fitness, more youthful looks, greater vitality, improved health and longevity, to a calmer, more balanced mind and heart, the benefits of yoga are so many. During your practice be mindful of your limits and stay within them. Remember as your practice deepens your limits will move. Along the way some poses will stretch and challenge you, just be with that challenge, and breathe your way through it. Here the mind and body focus together as One as you breathe into tight spots and feel them release bit by bit. Any sensation of pain will cease once you finish practicing the pose – and the feeling of a worked muscle brings the satisfaction of knowing that your body is carving its way to vital health and joy, mental balance and focus.

Permanent Weight Loss with Yoga:

Woman with tape measureIf you are about loosing weight, persistent and consistent yoga practice will help you create a yoga body. Of course yoga is about more than the physical side it also means plenty of clean water and a sensible diet.  This will guarantee your weight comes off – and stays off. Practicing yoga will not only change the way your body looks, but it will also change how you feel in your body. Through this practice you will gain a deeper sense of appreciation for your precious human body and, as you connect more and more deeply with it, it will become inconceivable to treat it and feed it with anything else but love. This is certainly not the case when you use weight loss drugs and other High Street gimmicks. The weight lost by these latter products tends to return in a hurry once they are discontinued. But as you practice with Yogasync.tv and create the movements that meet your weight loss requirements, you will not only alter the weight and balance of your body, but also your attitudes and beliefs will change in way that supports the evolution of your body/mind in a healthy, fun, loving and balanced way.

Better Breathing Creates a Calmer Mind:

BreathePracticing yoga will bring you into a more intimate relationship with your breath where you will learn to breathe more deeply improving both your lung capacity and relaxation response. As you deepen into your practice your breath becomes the connection between mind and body and you realize a healthier, more relaxed body and experience a calmer, more peaceful mind. Here we become the inner grin of deep joy capable of living fully in the present moment. When we live from this place we take our yoga off the mat and into daily life… this is the real practice of yoga and one of it’s most beautiful boons.


Extreme Exercise is Not Necessary

extremeWith Yogasync’s Movement and Sync Creation tools you can create any intensity of practice you feel up for. In no way however, is it essential that you pump it hard to get results. Using your own body as resistance and holding yourself still and quiet as you breathe through a pose tones and strengthens, as well as creates flexibility. Yoga can be practiced in very gentle and subtle ways that will quickly build strength, health and vitality without all the stress and strain of other exercise modalities.

Variety Helps Fitness:

jumping for joyIt’s proven that cross training is key in getting and maintaining results. Once the body gets acclimatized to the same exercise routines you tend to get diminishing returns over time. With Yogasync.tv each Sync can be different in intensity and duration and can target different areas of the body. Varying your Syncs is a good way to promote stronger, leaner muscles and overall fitness. In this way the body never learns what to expect and is constantly working to keep up with you. Yoga is also a brilliant adjunct to any other sport you practice. If you’re a keen snow boarder, for example, then you are likely to need routines to help straighten you out in your torso and hips as well as strengthen your hamstrings so they can support your quads and keep you balanced. Variety is the spice of life and at Yogasync.tv we are all about spicing things up so that we keep our body/mind young and fit! So mix it up by switching from high cardiovascular to gentle stretching to meditative or breath work. It’s your call and it’s your choice.
  • I'm getting amazing tuition and guidance - I feel really safe in the practice
  • I can do it at home anytime I want so I'm doing it way more regularly than normal classes.
  • You can bring together your own practice but also you can use the syncs that are already there.
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