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We have a very large range of products that we can work with wholesale retail suppliers. We can create you a custom DVD series that you can exclusivly market into your distribution.

1/Retails Channels


3/Dality Deal Sites

4/Coupon Sites

Promote Yogasync.tv on your site, blog, in email, or social media

Do you want to introduce your contacts to a fun, useful, helpful product. We would love to hear from you we have lots of options on how we can work with you.  Please contact us for more.

Earn when your affilates learn!

Do you have an existing affilate network that you want to introduce to Yogasync.tv We have 2nd teir affilate tracking. Contact us for more details. 

Top Tracking in the industry

Below is a list of features and benefits of our affiliate management system:

1. Our system tracks by ip and cookie.

2. Last referrer wins unless that referrer is an affiliate thief trying to buy off their own link. Then Yogasync's smart anti affiliate theft system kicks in using the ip tracking to reward the last legitimate affiliate and screw the thief. If there is no previous referrer our system also blocks the thief from being rewarded with the commission for buying off their own link.

3. Because of the combined ip and cookie based tracking Yogasync is more accurate tracking even when referrals have cookies disabled or when they have cleared their cache or logged in from a different computer or browser on the same connection/IP address. This means that your affiliates conversion rates will be higher because the tracking is more accurate.

4. Yogasync only displays in the stats unique clicks form referrals on ip addresses different from the actual referring affiliate. This means that the click stats are not artificially skewed by multiple clicks by one client on the same affiliate link nor are they skewed by affiliates clicking their own affiliate link. This also leads to more accurate stats and higher conversion statistics.

5. Yogasync tracks on front and back end sales. Even if a person does not buy the first time they visit the site and returns later without clicking the affiliate link again the referring affiliate will still be rewarded. Yogasync tracks by ip and cookie for this purpose. Any subsequent back end sales that are made from that affiliate, where the publisher has chosen to allow affiliates and offer commissions for the back end product will also be rewarded to the referring affiliate. The only way this would change is if another affiliate referred the client later convincing them to make a purchase of another product in the same affiliate program. Then that new referrer would be rewarded as long as they are not an affiliate thief trying to use their own link. The option on whether to allow affiliates and offer commissions on any offer including back end offers is entirely up to the publisher. So you could offer commissions on some but not others. It's up to you.

6. Yogasync provides a link campaign tracking system that affiliates can optionally use to create an unlimited number of link tracking campaigns that affiliates can use. That means that affiliates can track results from email, banner, ppc campaigns etc for all their promotions. The link tracking system also provides the option for affiliates to enter in additional tracking code such as tracking code supplied by ad networks like Yahoo, MSN, Google and other third party networks. Affiliates could also use this feature to add their own pixel tracking. But just remember that Yogasync's tracking is already more powerful than all other affiliate networks... these additional tracking features are provided to enhance your affiliate's confidence and third party tracking options.

7. Yogasync's affiliate link tracking campaign system also provides the ability to track sub ids added to the end of a url on the fly. So if someone runs your offer on a third party network and attaches an additional custom id to the end of the url of a link tracking campaign then that will be logged into the link tracking campaign system as a sub campaign and report stats on that one as well.

8. Yogasync provides the ability for publishers to add custom landing page urls for specific affiliates. When you allow affiliates you have the option of entering the url you want all affiliate traffic to be directed to. Additionally there is a feature where you may enter the ID of an affiliate who's traffic you want directed to a different landing page and you can enter an alternate url for that affiliate's traffic to go to. This is helpful if you are running a squeeze page but some affiliates want their traffic to be directed to the sales letter directly or if you want to set up a custom landing page on your site and have a specific affiliate's traffic sent their and all other affiliate traffic set to the main url you have for the offer.

9. Yogasync has one of the most advance coupon marketing systems in the industry today which includes many innovative features integrated with its affiliate management system as well. You can create coupons that have their own pricing and commission settings that can be used by all affiliates. You can also assign certain coupons to specific affiliates so that if a coupon assigned to a specific affiliate is used that affiliate whom the coupon was assigned to is rewarded the commissions for that referral overriding other referrers. You can also "force" a coupon instead of displaying a coupon box. This allows you to apply the benefits and custom affiliate commission levels of a coupon when a specific affiliate's link is clicked without the visitor having to enter a code into a coupon box. this is useful for automatically and dynamically applying price changes or just rewarding certain affiliate partners with higher commission levels. Affiliates who have been provided a coupon code that their clients must enter can also make a simple change to their affiliate url changing /vp/ to /cp/ which dynamically makes the coupon field appear. This is important so that the coupon box does not have to be visible unless an affiliate has a coupon code to supply their clients. This boosts conversions over showing the coupon box by default all the time regardless of whether the referred visitor has a coupon or not. The forced or assigned coupons can also be used to deliver a secondary bonus thank you page that only people who use that coupon see. This is a powerful way to automatically deliver affiliate incentives for launch style promotions. If your affiliate wants to offer bonus downloads they can provide you the html to place on a bonus secondary dynamic thank you page or maybe opt in form code to display. By using the coupon system and our superior combination ip and cookie based tracking system and assigning the bonus thank you page to be automatically delivered your affiliate partners no longer have to do things like tell their referrals to delete cookies and contact them after buying to request the incentive offer to be delivered. The forced or assigned coupons may also be used to deliver bonus membership content pages delivered within the Yogasync membership content delivery (CMS) system. You can assign bonus membership pages to only be shown to people who use specific coupons. This can be used to deliver incentives provided by affiliate partners or just used outside the affiliate system to provide incentivized bonus content delivery for publishers running their own promotions. One of the biggest problem with many launches where affiliates offer incentives is that they ask people to clear cookies, click their link, and then contact them to receive bonus digital content after they purchase... None of this is required with Yogasync because all of it is automated including accurate referral tracking without anyone ever having to worry about clearing cookies to click on the correct link and relying on the affiliate to follow through and deliver the bonus. By automating the process it eliminates worry and customer service for both the offer owner and the affiliate.

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