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This pose is more advanced than sukhasana but simpler than any version of lotus in that the legs are not crossed but the knees are still connecting with the ground to provide stability for the upper body. For this pose you will want a cushion, a bolster or some folded blankets. Begin this pose by sitting on your support in dandasana. Take your right foot and bring it in close to your support beneath your pubic bone. Now place your left foot on top of the right with the toes tucked between the thigh and the calf of the right leg. Remember to alternate which leg is on top each time you sit so that your sitting practice creates balance in the body. Now extend the trunk of the body straight up so that the spine is erect… ground down through the ischium bones. Take the shoulders back and down letting the heart centre open so that the chest puffs a little. Elongating the back of the neck so that the crown of the head is in line with the pelvic floor…. soften the jaw. Lower the gaze and softly close the eyes now. Rest the hands in your choice of mudra. [Thumb nail pop ups of different options on screen here] Now without changing anything, relax If your hamstrings and groin muscles are tight and this pose is uncomfortable for you, push the feet further from the body until the tension in the inner leg is released. You can also adjust your support to a height that is more comfortable. If your hips aren’t flexible enough to allow the knees to drop to the floor yet, prop the knees up by placing folded blankets or cushions beneath them. In time your knees will come down and you will relax into the pose more deeply. Siddhasana calms the entire nervous system and rebalances pranic flow in the lower chakras. Blood pressure, along with the reproductive system, is balanced as the flow of blood is redirected to the lower spine and abdomen which also helps to tone the lumbar region of the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal organs. Remember if you catch your attention wandering bring it back to the guided instruction, be fully present in this current moment. If you notice the body slouching, ground back down through the ischium bones, connect in with the earth and pull the spine back up to straight letting the back of the neck be long and the head held in a gentle bow. Breathe yourself into the present moment and be here now. There is nowhere to go, you are exactly where you need to be. Your mindful effort during your practice will enhance the changes you experience in everyday life. Be the change you want to see in the world… and then when you are ready, take these changes out into the world and let them ripple throughout your daily life. Once your meditation is finished, deepen your breath for a few breaths, feel embodied and grounded and when you are ready open your eyes and straighten your legs. If circulation in the legs has been restricted, shake them out before standing up and taking this creative stillness out in the world to be the change you want to see. Now stretch your legs back out into dandasana. If the circulation has been restricted, shake some life back into them before standing up.
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